For over 44 years Wheatland Seed has produced quality seed and food products from our facility in Brigham City, Utah.

This year we’ve added more home storage foods to assist our customers with preparedness and self-reliance. Our line of foods (Real Foods | Better Life™) are unique in the industry …100% pure non-GMO, lab-verified chemical free, and double packaged to stay fresh for decades.


Our employees own the company, and work together with our family farmers to grow seed to “State Certified” or “USDA Certified Organic” standards. These standards and the ideal growing conditions in the mountain valleys of Idaho and Utah produce great food and seed.


All of our foods are a single item (like red wheat, lentils, or pinto beans) with no artificial ingredients, fillers, or additives…just Real Foods. All are non-GMO, sproutable, and lab tested (at an ISO 17025 lab for 210 chemicals) to ensure they are pure and chemical-free…truly Better Foods. We lab test for baking properties plus our team members bake at home to make sure you’ll get excellent home baking results. Then we package our foods in sealed Mylar (4.3mil) bag — which keeps them airtight and fresh for decades — and place them in a commercial grade plastic pail…stackable and suitable for long-term storage. So whether you use our foods now or in 25 years you will get the same great flavor and baking results every time.


At Wheatland, we love what we do. We invite you to experience the quality difference in our Wheatland™ seed and food products. Thank you for your loyalty.

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