Wheatland Seed ca. 1990

Wheatland Seed, Brigham City, Utah, was formed in 1977. We’ve partnered with our local farmers in the mountain west for 43 years to produce great seed and food products.

OUR COMPANY… is a small company — intentionally.  For 43 years we’ve worked with our farmer neighbors to grow our seed to “state certified” or “USDA Certified Organic” standards. These farming standards combined with the ideal growing conditions in the mountain valleys of Idaho and Utah produce great seed. You can see and taste the difference in our Wheatland™ products.

OUR PEOPLE… know agriculture; many were raised on farms. We appreciate farming’s challenges. We love it when our customers have a great experience with our products and recommend Wheatland to their friends. Every day we work to deliver great products to our customers with a smile and a fair price.

IN THE YEAR AHEAD… we’re making it easier to do business with Wheatland. We’ve added the convenience of placing food orders online through our website,  and then you pickup on Friday at our Brigham City, Utah location. To have food products shipped directly to you, you can now order Wheatland foods on Amazon. We’ve also added the convenience of paying seed invoices online.

We look forward to working with you and receiving your feedback as you see and taste the difference in Wheatland™ products.


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