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About Us

Customers have relied on our "Wheatland Seed" brand products for over 40 years for superior quality wheat varieties grown in the mountain valleys of Utah and Idaho. Today our line of home baking products includes beans, rice, sugar and other essentials for the home baker and those preparing for the days ahead. 
As our our business has grown we now use distributed warehouses and pack our products in a state of the art food plant but our commitment to providing our customers superior value  has not changed.  
Wheatland products continue to deliver excellent value in three ways.
First all of our products are selected for specific baking properties. For example in addition to protein content our hard wheats are tested using a bakers farinograph score to make sure our wheats make bread dough that performs to the highest baking standards .. providing you great home baking results. And we bake with all of our product lots in our test kitchens to make sure they deliver great home baking results. 
Second we pack our products to stay fresh and nutritious for decades. The containers we use resealable, are stackable  food grade plastic buckets. The sturdy bucket is for ease of handling and storage. Our products are placed inside the bucket ...within  a sealed in mylar pouch  with an oxygen absorber. We leave adequate headspace in the sealed mylar pouch so you can hear your wheat move about. Taken  together this proven storage process keeps your food  fresh and nutritious for decades. Ideal for your  long term storage plans. 
Third, we test our products at an independent third party US based ISO 17025 lab to insure they are pure and chemical free. As modern agriculture has changed much over the last 40 years ...we provide customers the peace of mind knowing that Wheatland products have been tested chemical free for 210 common ag chemicals and ...glyphosate. So you have the peace of mind knowing your foods are not only fresh and nutritious but pure and chemical free.
Thank you for selecting Our Wheatland products. Please Feel Free to Contact us anytime with any questions (435) 363-6544 or at wheatlandfoods@gmail.com