White Sugar
for Group Orders


*Available in 4-Gallon (30 lb.)  Long-Term Storage Bucket, lined with 5mil Mylar (re-sealable), with Oxygen Pack

In the pouch or the bucket our granulated sugar is made from beets grown in the state of Idaho. Our durable plastic long-term storage buckets contain 30 lbs. of White Sugar that is sealed in re-sealable 5 mil Mylar bags, so the shelf-life is 30 years* (READ ABOUT OUR BUCKETS FOR LONG-TERM STORAGE), so you can pour out as much as you can use in the foreseeable future then immediately re-seal the Mylar (an inexpensive electric hair straightener can be used!)  to send your sugar back into long-term storage freshness (read about Mylar bags and oxygen pack care and longevity here).  *Shelf life in the bucket is 30 years. Best when stored in a cool and dry place at temperatures between 55°F and 70°F. 

FOOD STORAGE RECOMMENDATION: Minimum 40 lbs. of white sugar per adult/per year.