Vital Wheat Gluten

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Five 3 lb. zip-sealed bags (total product weight 15 lbs.), inside a sealed Mylar bag, held within a commercial grade bucket. For freshest and longest shelf-life place in freezer for storage.

Wheatland’s Vital Wheat Gluten gives your home-made bread the same moistness, and consistency of your family’s favorite store-bought bread. It makes a big difference! Professional bakers use Vital Wheat Gluten to give their breads the highest rise, longer freshness and the best texture and shape. A small addition of this simple ingredient will vastly improve your home-baked bread and even increase the protein content. It’s especially helpful when baking with whole wheat flour… giving your bread a lighter and fluffier texture, and higher rise. When combined with water it becomes highly elastic. Added to bread dough, it helps retain the gas and steam from baking and gives more volume to the baked bread. It absolutely makes a difference! It gives your home-made bread the same consistency and moistness of your family’s favorite store-bought bread.

HINT: Be sure to add some of Wheatland’s HARD WHITE WHEAT, or HARD RED WHEAT to your shopping cart for AWESOME home-made bread!

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