High Protein Soft White Wheat
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AVAILABLE IN:   4 gallon/25 lb. long-term storage bucket sealed in re-sealable Mylar (approx. 25 lbs.)

This is a great all around multi-purpose wheat….A solid performer for quick breads… but versatile enough to be used by the Home Baker for whole wheat white breads because of its 13.9% protein content. (See the pictures of our simple whole wheat bread, ie just the flour, water, sugar and salt doing the work — no dough enhancers etc.) Probably our most versatile wheat across the spectrum of applications…

Like all our wheats, it has been lab-tested for it’s excellent bread-making qualities and protein content, and also to insure it is PURE… free of 210 chemicals!  Our wheat is ideal for bread-making flour, or course-ground for cereal, or sprouted to add to salads. Wheat provides a high fiber, nutrient dense basic carbohydrate. White wheat generally has a more mild flavor than does the red, so it’s often a favorite for making traditional sandwich loaves. It’s also awesome for a milder flavor of sourdough.

(And if you’re making bread… be sure to add our VITAL WHEAT GLUTEN to your cart for the best rise, elasticity, and moistness for your bread, and to keep it fresh longer!)