Soft White Wheat
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From: $5.00

From: $5.00

AVAILABLE IN:   4 lb pouch, 25 lb Bag,  and 25 lb. 4 gallon bucket (CHOOSE SIZE below to see product)

Flour made from whole grain soft wheat makes excellent whole grain pastry flour. Soft wheat has a low protein content and a high starch/carbohydrate content. The gluten development is lower because of the lower protein content, so the gluten is of lower strength. So it has a mild flavor and is ideal for making light and fluffy whole grain biscuits, pastries, cakes, pancakes, turnovers and more. Just to be clear, if you’re looking for BREAD-making wheat, you’ll want to choose our Hard White Wheat or Hard Red Wheat, but if you’d like something more suited to pastries and cakes, Soft White Wheat is a great choice!

Our Soft White Wheat is grown in Northern Utah. The protein content of our Soft White Wheat is around 7-9%, while our Hard White Wheat usually has a protein content of 11-13%.

HINT: If you’re making bread… be sure to add Wheatland’s HARD WHITE WHEAT or HARD RED WHEAT, and  VITAL WHEAT GLUTEN to your cart for the best rise, elasticity, and moistness for your bread, and to keep it fresh longer!