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AVAILABLE IN:   25 lb. 4 gallon bucket, lined with 5 mil. Mylar (which is RE-SEALABLE… more info here)

  • Our Lentils are grown by Utah and Idaho farmers and processed in our state of the art food plant in northern Utah. With our farmers we produce the highest quality “State Certified” and “USDA Certified Organic” foods.
  • Our foods are non-GMO & lab verified pure and chemical free. We test at an ISO17025 lab for 210 common chemicals… our pledge to you no chemicals, ever. So you have the peace of mind knowing your foods are desiccant & glyphosate free and never irradiated. And yes… you can sprout them to unlock their peak nutrition and freshness.
  • Our packaging provides a 25 year shelf life. The mylar bag locks in harvest freshness and keeps out oxygen & moisture. So there are no weevils, ever. And we ship our products direct, our plastic pail or cardboard container are ideal for long term storage.
  • Never irradiated, no desiccants, Non-GMO
  • For over 40 years we have helped customers with preparedness and self-reliance. Our foods are simply the highest quality, chemical free foods available which we pack to last for decades. At Wheatland we love what we do… providing our customers Real Food for a Better Life.

(CLICK HERE to read more about re-sealing)

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