Dark Northern Red Spring Wheat Berries – 26 lbs

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for optimum freshness for years.

Now we are offering our wheats at the best prices of the season… and to save even more you can choose local pick up in Brigham City, Utah, or we can have it delivered right to your door.

Our Premium baking wheats have been lab tested in an independent ISO 17025 lab, so they are verified pure and chemical free. Our 3rd party US-based lab tests for 210 agricultural pesticides/herbicides/chemicals. So with Wheatland products there is no glyphosate …ever.

We personally bake with all the same wheats we sell so we know you’ll get great baking results every time. Our wheats come exclusively from farmers we trust and respect in Utah and Idaho…many are our neighbors, who we’ve worked with for decades.

AVAILABLE IN:   26 lb. 4 gallon stackable bucket, lined with 5 mil. Mylar (which is RE-SEALABLE… more info here)

  • Hard Red Wheat grown by Utah and Idaho farmers
  • Premium Baking Quality – lab tested to insure dough strength, elasticity and water retention capacity for great breads
  • Sproutable! Great germination rates
  • Packaged for 25 year shelf life, perfect for emergency storage
  • Never irradiated, no desiccants, Non-GMO
  • High trust company, 40 year Utah-based, Wheatland Seed

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