Premium Bakers Flour
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Our Premium Baker’s Flour (25 lb. bag) is great for any recipe… bread, cakes, pita, pizza crust, cookies, pastry dough, pie crusts, muffins… basically anything that calls for flour. Our flour is unbleached, bromate-free, enriched baking flour that is milled from mountain west American wheat. It will enhance the rise in your yeast breads, and make beautifully smooth and flaky pie crusts and pastries. Add a little to your whole-wheat flour recipes to increase the rise and smooth the texture. A blend of pure white hard and soft wheat for highest quality baking results.

HINT: If you’re making bread… be sure to add Wheatland’s VITAL WHEAT GLUTEN to your cart for the best rise, elasticity, and moistness for your bread—and to keep it fresh longer.