Organic Red Wheat Berries – 20 lb. Bag
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NOW AVALAIBLE!!  Certified Organic Red Wheat

  • Certified Organic – By the USDA, we grow only Non GMO varieties, and use No Additives.
  • Utah and Idaho: Grown by our friends and family farmer neighbors in Utah and Idaho.
  • Chemical Free: Tested for purity in an ISO 17025 US based lab, certified free of 210 chemicals.
  • Live Seed: 90% or better germination, ideal for sprouting, juicing or planting,
  • Real Food | Better Life: All of our foods are single ingredient, whole foods that retain the natural goodness from the soil. All are packed to be powerfully nutritious whether used today or in 25 years.

Available in a 20 lb. Poly Bag  (also available in our 4 gallon 20 lb. long-term storage bucket, sealed fresh in re-sealable Mylar)  Read about our unique packaging HERE,