Oat Groats “Naked Oats” (oats without hulls)


Whole-grain Oat Groats are the de-hulled kernels of the gluten-free oat grain and include the cereal germ and fiber-rich bran portion of the grain (they look very similar to wheat berries but are softer).

AVAILABLE IN:   20 lb. 4 gallon bucket, lined with 5 mil. Mylar (which is RE-SEALABLE… more info here)

  • Oat Groats grown by Utah and Idaho farmers
  • Packaged for 10-15 year shelf life, perfect for emergency storage
  • ISO 17025 Lab tested – PURE and CHEMICAL FREE
  • Never irradiated, no desiccants, Non-GMO
  • High trust seller, 40 year Utah-based company, Wheatland Seed

 (CLICK HERE to read more about re-sealing)

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