Hard White Wheat Berries
for Store Pickup


AVAILABLE IN:   4-gallon 30 yr. storage pail (approx. 25 lbs.) (CHOOSE SIZE below to view products)

Fantastic bread-making wheat!! Our wheat has been lab-tested for it’s excellent bread-making qualities and protein content. (Some of our customers have had unfortunate experiences with other suppliers’ storage wheat, so we want to say that right up front!) Our wheat is ideal for bread-making flour, or course ground for cereal, or sprouted to add to salads or for juicing. Wheat provides a high fiber, nutrient-dense basic carbohydrate. WHITE WHEAT makes bread that’s a bit more light and perhaps sweeter than red wheat (which has more earthy tones to it)

HINT: If you’re making bread… be sure to add Wheatland’s VITAL WHEAT GLUTEN to your cart for the best rise, elasticity, and moistness for your bread, and to keep it fresh longer!