Family Pack (a year supply for 2 adults)
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Our Family Pack provides a one year supply of foundation food storage items for two adults, shipped direct to your door. Though you may CUSTOMIZE the items in your Pack, a sample recommended Family Pack might include:

24 Wheat  (600 lbs)
7 Oats  (140 lbs)
7 Beans  (164 lbs)
(2 Pinto, 3 Lentils, 2 Split Peas)
4 Rice (80 lbs)
6 Sugar (300 lbs)

We also provide a pack of Vital Wheat Gluten. All foods are packed in our commercial grade, four-gallon buckets lined with a 5 mil Mylar bag to stay delicious for 15 to 30 years (depending on the product). Inside the Mylar is a large Oxy Pack which pulls the oxygen out of the environment and keeps your food fresh until you need it. The Mylar is also re-sealable, so you can use a little now, and quickly re-seal it to go back into long-term storage. Read more about our packaging by clicking here.

Contact Kayla or Pete with questions about shipping, customization, or anything else. Call Pete at 435-999-8900, or Kayla 435-734-2371.