Family Pack (a year supply for 2 adults)
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Our Family Pack provides a one year supply of foundation food storage items for two adults, shipped direct to your door. Though you may CUSTOMIZE the items in your Pack, a sample recommended Family Pack might include:

24 Wheat  (600 lbs)
7 Oats  (140 lbs)
7 Beans  (164 lbs)
(2 Pinto, 3 Lentils, 2 Split Peas)
4 Rice (80 lbs)
6 Sugar (300 lbs)

We also provide a pack of Vital Wheat Gluten and a copy of the book “Making the Best of Basics,” (while supplies last) which is the ultimate guide to making nutritious and delicious meals from your foundation food storage. All foods are packed in our commercial grade, four-gallon buckets lined with a 5 mil Mylar bag to stay delicious for 15 to 30 years (depending on the product). Inside the Mylar is a large Oxy Pack which pulls the oxygen out of the environment and keeps your food fresh until you need it. The Mylar is also re-sealable, so you can use a little now, and quickly re-seal it to go back into long-term storage. Read more about our packaging by clicking here.

Contact Kayla or Pete with questions about shipping, customization, or anything else. Call Pete at 435-999-8900, or Kayla 435-734-2371.