Platte City, MO - Group Order

Order from this page for free delivery to Platte City, MO…
  • Last day to order product:     March 12th, 2021
  • Group Leader:     Laurie Elmore (816) 316-9015
  • Current pickup date:      Mid-March*
  • Pickup Location:    Platte City, Missouri*
*The official time/date/location will be confirmed a few days prior to your pickup.

Click here to learn about our 30-Year, re-sealable packaging:

Food Storage Bucket with Mylar Lining

Because of the central delivery location, large group orders (usually 128 buckets, or more) are so much more cost effective than Home Delivery.  If you have an interest in organizing a separate Group Order to another delivery location we’d love to work with you — call Pete at 435-999-8900.