Food Storage Bucket with Mylar Lining
Bulk beans for long term storage with oxygen pack

Packaged to Stay Fresh for Decades

Our heavy duty four gallon buckets hold 25+ pounds of food that is packaged to last for 15 to 30 years, depending on the product inside.

Double Air-Tight

Each  commercial-grade bucket is lined with a 5 mil Mylar bag. Inside the Mylar is a large Oxy Pack which pulls the oxygen out of the environment and keeps your food fresh until you need it.

Re-Sealable (so… use it up as you go!)

The Mylar is heat-sealed (which makes the bag re-sealable). The sealed Mylar will stay air-tight if it’s not punctured. Because it is re-sealable you can snip a corner off the bag, pour out as much product as you’ll use in the next few months, then quickly* re-seal the Mylar and send your food back into long-term storage. The oxygen pack should continue to do its job as long as you re-seal the Mylar as quickly as possible. *If your bag is left open for more than 30 minutes, you will want to toss in a new oxygen pack before re-sealing to ensure long-term freshness. If you have opened and re-sealed multiple times, and want to store the remainder for many years, you will want to put in a new oxygen pack.

To Re-Seal the Mylar…

To re-seal the Mylar push as much air out of the bag as possible, line up and join the edges of the opened portion and use a straightening iron (a women’s hair styler) to pinch the Mylar with the iron. Hold for a few seconds, then test your seal by pressing both hands down on the bag to see if any air is hissing out of an opening.