Bulk beans for long term storage with oxygen pack

Packaged to Stay Fresh for Decades

Our heavy duty four gallon buckets hold 20 to 30 pounds of food that is packaged to last for 15 to 30 years, depending on the product inside.

Double Air-Tight

Each  commercial-grade bucket is lined with a 4.3 mil Mylar bag. Inside the Mylar is a large Oxy Pack which pulls the oxygen out of the environment and keeps your food fresh until you need it.

Compare the Quality and Freshness!

Some companies that offer bucketed bulk foods (in big-box stores) have no internal lining inside their buckets. The only seal is a small gasket in the bucket lid that often hardens or shrinks with age… losing it’s seal… and the contents can easily go bad long before the advertised expiration date. The sealed Mylar is THE KEY to the long shelf-life! We welcome you to compare our quality.

Re-Sealable (so… use it up as you go!)

The Mylar is heat-sealed (which makes the bag re-sealable). The sealed Mylar will stay air-tight if it’s not punctured. Because it is re-sealable you can snip a corner off the bag, pour out as much product as you’ll use in the next few months, then quickly* re-seal the Mylar and send your food back into long-term storage. The oxygen pack should continue to do its job as long as you re-seal the Mylar as quickly as possible. *IMPORTANT: If your bag is left open for more than 30 minutes, you will want to toss in a new oxygen pack before re-sealing to ensure long-term freshness. If you have opened and re-sealed multiple times, and want to store the remainder for many years, you will want to put in a new oxygen pack. 

To Re-Seal the Mylar…

To re-seal the Mylar push as much air out of the bag as possible, line up and join the edges of the opened portion and use a straightening iron (a women’s hair styler) to pinch the Mylar with the iron. Hold for a few seconds, then test your seal by pressing both hands down on the bag to see if any air is hissing out of an opening.