Current…In 2018 we are introducing new oil seed varieties for growers, formulating additional feed product-solutions for clients, and developing a full poultry line for producers.

Replace with…In 2019 and 20 we are adding a full line of state of the art corn genetics, continuing to expand our forage line esp triticales and continuing to refine our premium racer pigeon line and wild bird feeds.

Current…We will be among the earliest FDA certified compliant feed manufacturers in the state, and we are currently in the certification process for our new USDA certified organic division, Mountain Grain

Replace with…We are adding a line of leading corn genetics and traits under the Mountain TM brand, and we continue to grow our organic offering on a customized solution basis.

Add under Values…Our values …Can Do Attitude, Forward Thinking and Service Heart show every day and in every transaction.

Our Team

Hunter Stallings

A key member of our senior leadership Hunter works with growers growing seed increases and serves customers focusing on small grains, safflower and forage solutions. He also manages our relations with genetics suppliers and other seed companies.

Jason Martin

A key member of our senior leadership Jason manages our distributor network and helps customers select best varieties for their growing conditions and goals. Leads our effort to develop our corn and alfalfa business and supports our small grains and forage solutions businesses.

Sommer Reeder Barfuss

The newest member of our team, Sommer joined us from Cargill seed business and supports our sales team. She works with growers bringing her farm background to solve grower as well as supplier issues. She also keeps our people and systems running …covering HR & Seed certifications.

Jesse Hendrickson

Knows every part of our business. Jesse started out on the plant floor and models our core value “service heart”…he handles all grower deliveries, warehouse transfers, outbound freight and daily manages our inventory system.

Jory Pursor

Manages plant operations, people and machinery. He Models our core value “Can Do Attitude”. Jory has the ability to get the most out of our plant, equipment and people. If it’s broke he can fix it.

Alexa’s Rhodes

Knows our customers intimately…maintains our books and records accurately. Has her pulse on all the parts of our business and models our core value “Forward Thinking”. Lexie anticipates challenges and solves them.