Driven to Innovate

In the year ahead we are adding a new line of state of the art corn varieties with maturities to match western growing conditions. (Pictured at left, Syngenta TM has joined as our corn genetic partner). These varieties will be offered under our Mountain TM brand and are tailored for both irrigated and dry land valleys of the western US. Also we will continue to expand our forage lines with Trical TM genetics and refine our Top Flight TM premium bird feeds. In addition to the western valleys we currently serve, our product line will now be delivered into the PNW, upper Midwest and the High Plains. We invite you to discover these exciting developments by visiting directly with our sales people.

Meet Our Team

Hunter Stallings

Works key client relationships and helps our growers plan and manage seed increases. Hunter focuses on forages small grains, and safflower solutions. He also manages our relations with State and Federal certification agencies and other seed companies.

Jason Martin

Jason works with key client relationships and focuses on growing our distributor network. He focuses on providing forage solutions i.e. corn, grain and grass. Plus alfalfa, grass mix and cover crops. Jason works with distributors in our extended geographies of the Dakotas, Colorado, California and the PNW.

Sommer Reeder Barfuss

Provides support to our sales team and insures that our documentation is accurate and timely. She prepares all Seed contracts for growers and monitors seed certification with State agencies and our growers. Sommer’s industry experience with Cargill as well as having been raised on a seed propagation operation in northern Utah gives her the benefit of hands on experience.

Jory Pursor

Manages all plant operations, people and machinery. Jory has the ability to get the most out of our cleaners and fabricates mechanical solutions as needed. Our most senior manager Jory provides steady leadership and optimizes our people and machinery. He focuses on quality and continuous improvement.

Jesse Hendrickson

Manages our inventory system and warehouse flow. Jesse assists in scheduling grower deliveries and insuring optimum turnaround on in bound and out bound product flows. Jesse started out in our plant floor and has assumed increasing responsibility. He models our core value “service heart” and focuses on quality product.

Alexsa Summers

Knows our customers intimately…maintains our books and records accurately. Has her pulse on all the parts of our business. Lexie anticipates challenges and solves them.

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