Alan loves the 25 year packaging

“This wheat makes great bread, and the packaging is awesome! …BTW, I’m a certified Food Scientist and have been evaluating food quality day in and day out for over 30 years…”

“The berries are large and they grind really well to make nice flour that makes good bread. We’ve purchased white wheat before that did not make good bread (we always mill our own wheat to flour and are mindful of the milling, making, and baking aspects). This white wheat (unlike some white wheat) seems to be of consistent, high quality with good protein content. We found that it forms nice elastic dough that holds its structure well without having to add additional vital gluten. The dough leavens uniformly (crumb cells do not coalesce) and the loaves do not collapse. The flavor is mild (less ‘raw’ fiber/husk tasting typical of red wheat) and desirable. All and all, this is good white wheat that we would recommend to anyone who likes to make consistent, high-quality wheat bread with a desirable, mild flavor.

The rigid and flexible combo packaging is amazing and much more than we need if using the product immediately upon arrival. But, it’s nice to know the product is well protected or ready for long-term storage if we want it for that. The bucket-bag combo came from Amazon in a cardboard box (everything was still intact and product inside was air tight). The square buckets are sturdy, sealed, and stackable. Also, heavy-duty, air-tight, mylar-laminated inner bags were a plus because it’s an excellent moisture/oxygen barrier that protects the wheat against moisture, oxygen degradation, UV irradiation, etc. Large oxygen scavenging packets were used to deplete all the oxygen in the wheat’s package (probably overkill size–you can tell because the packets warm up a little when reintroduced to more oxygen and moist air when the mylar is cut open. This reaction is due to the fact that they were NOT completely reacted/spent in the air-tight environment of the mylar bag after having depleted all the oxygen in that air tight environment). Anyhow, they do a great job of creating a loose vacuum-like sealed product that I think looks cool (images included). We consider the barrier packaging to be very high quality and a strong feature of this product.

So, not only is the product nice, but the packaging (equally important in my opinion), is of excellent quality and should promote shelf life to the max (as long as you don’t temperature abuse it!)!

BTW, I’m a certified Food Scientist and have been evaluating food quality day in and day out for over 30 years–so, I’m not just a hack 😉

Happy bread making with this wheat!”

Wheatland Customer Grace Lewis

Grace organizes orders for her community

“What I would tell anyone who’s looking to order from Wheatland Seed is Go for It… Do it! They are a wonderful company, I highly recommend them. You will have that peace of mind that comes from getting your food storage, and you will have a very smooth process in ordering and doing a big group order with Wheatland Seed.”

“I’ve been working with Wheatland Seed since March of 2019 … Wheatland stood out from every other competitor for me in the first place because of their prices, hands down… they had the cheapest prices from any other competitor that was selling long-term food storage. Second, their customer service is amazing. They’ve always been very quick to respond to any questions I’ve had, and always very pleasant. Third is their products!…their wheat is delicious, I make homemade wheat bread weekly and my kids love it, and anyone that I’ve ever given it to has always raved over the wheat bread that we make with their wheat.

“I love Wheatland Seed. Their company has wonderful customer service. Any time I’ve had a question about an order… I can contact them and I know immediately I’m going to get a response, either by them picking up the phone, or calling me back shortly after I leave a message. The one time we had a problem with a bucket getting damaged in shipping, I notified Wheatland and they immediately refunded us the price of that bucket of beans…They are a great company, I highly recommend them.”

WD (Amazon customer review) – June 2021

“Takes my sourdough to the next level!”

“For the last year I’ve seen so many home sourdough bread bakers try their hand at milling their own flour from wheat berries and have such fabulous results. I was always tempted to try and finally got the chance with this hard red wheat berries. I don’t have a flour mill (but that is on my wish list now) so I used my Blendtec. I followed Blendtec’s recommendation and blended it for 50s on setting 9. That resulted in a coarse flour ready for baking. For my sourdough I used the Tartine sourdough recipe but upped the wheat to 20% using this hard red wheat with 80% artisan’s malted bread flour. WOW I can safely say that using freshly milled wheat made a HUGE difference. My yeast buddies loved this stuff and the resulting rise and oven spring were unbelievable. The taste was even better. Best of all, wheat berries have a longer shelf life. I can process as much flour as I need at any given time and don’t have to worry about buying large quantities.”

Wheatland Customer Lance King

Lance orders Wheatland’s long-term food storage buckets for family and friends

“The value is phenomenal… I’ve looked around a LOT, and I was having a hard time even finding places that had product in stock, and Wheatland had not only product in stock but top quality product in stock at far better prices than I was finding anywhere else.”

“This is my second time ordering from Wheatland and they’ve been awesome! I ordered wheat, beans, lentils and peas… so just building up the food storage, and it was super convenient. Even the product that was priced to be shipped to you was still less than I was finding anywhere else. I’ve been sending the link to all kinds of family and friends because I said, Hey look, I’ve been searching all over, finally found a good place—and several of them have placed orders and thanked me for sharing the information.

“I decided to place an order online, and I didn’t want to go start up my computer, so I just grabbed my phone out of my pocket because I only had a few minutes. I quickly went to their website—it worked flawlessly even on the small screen—and when it came time to check out I was done in under a minute with my order. So it’s the combination of things… phenomenal value… their customer service has been amazing… they’ll bend over backwards. I recommend getting your long-term food storage from Wheatland Seed.”

Hall Family (Amazon customer review) – May 2021

“My Whole Wheat and Oat bread recipe turned out beautifully and it was absolutely delicious!”

“These wheat berries are quality! I ground 2 cups of frozen wheat berries in my Vitamix using the grains container then blended on high for 50 seconds. I used my normal Whole Wheat and Oat bread recipe without adding vital wheat gluten and it turned out beautifully and it was absolutely delicious! The bucket and Mylar bag for storage are an awesome feature too. Overall very happy with this purchase.”

Sprouted Wheat

FL Kayaker (Amazon customer review) – May 2021

“…a lot of trust in this seller and grower for me.”

“The wheat berries arrived in a solid plastic pail and were further incased inside a heavy duty Mylar bag. They were well packed to last the full 25 years. My family will be using ours rather than storing. One of the first things that I did was to attempt to sprout some of them. The picture shows the sprouts starting after less than 24 hours. This lets me know that the berries were harvested at the correct time and were properly taken care of after harvest. They would be much less viable for sprouting had that not happened. That alone creates a lot of trust in this seller and grower for me. There are so many things that can be done with the wheat berries over and above storing them for emergencies. We intend to grind them for making bread because we make all of our bread, try some in various soups, stews and chilis and experiment with them on salads. The wheat berries are a very nutritious food and anytime we can add them to our daily intake, we will benefit.”

Wheatland Long-Term Storage Bucket - Oxy Pack

Chrisnel (Amazon customer review) – May 2021

This is the best wheat!”

“This is the best wheat! We got it for our food storage. We tried it in making our homemade bread and loved it. We have used so much of the wheat I had to order more. We even used it for a sourdough starter.”

Wheatland Customer Joanna Lee

Joanna builds up her long-term home food storage with Wheatland’s 25 lb. buckets

“I’ve tried a few other companies, and Wheatland Seed is the top quality that I’ve ordered. I love the taste and high quality of the food produced from it. It tastes amazing.”

“When I ordered I was very particular—was this a good value for my money? and when I open this to use it, will it be a quality product? I had heard horror stories of people opening other long term storage products that had a poor taste or bugs—but I know I can order from Wheatland with confidence in the quality and freshness.

“And they were available to buy! When I bought a couple of buckets of black beans and peas and lentils I couldn’t even find them on the shelf in the grocery stores, so there weren’t many places I could buy the product… and when I got them they were a high quality product. I highly recommend buying from Wheatland Seed.”

HEYOOO (Amazon customer review) – May 2021

“…such an amazing value”

“This is such an amazing value. I got the red and the white [wheats], and I love them both. The pail is really well constructed and I could see it being a great vessel for many years to come (if you plan to use this as emergency food). …The wheat berries are very fresh. I’ve made many meals with them. And they even sprout when you soak them in water, which means they are good quality. Overall, both the red and the white are winners..”

Shelley organizes community preparedness efforts

“I would highly recommend Wheatland Seed for their great quality product and their customer service.”

“I love Wheatland Seed products because they have a good variety of the staple foods that you need for your long-term food storage, and I’ve tried their food and it’s very good. I know that I’ll be taken care of and that they’ll address any concerns that I have. I encourage you to order your food storage from Wheatland Seed.”