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Lentil Soup with Lemon

With 816 five-star reviews this recipe is our hands-down favorite lentil recipe. If you’re a cilantro fan (we are) be sure to add a generous amount. Everyone we’ve served it to loves this soup! It’s one of our favorites to share with customers.

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How to Cook Beans!

To prepare beans and pulse products, first rinse in a colander to remove any dust. You can then either soak them overnight in two parts water to 1 part beans and then cook with fresh water, simmering on medium heat for 2-4 hours, OR you can pressure cook them (like with an InstantPot®) and cut the time to about 30 minutes!

White Wheat Bread Loaves

Angela’s Heavenly 60-minute White Wheat Bread

Angela raised eight kids on this amazing light, fluffy bread. It’s a favorite in the Wheatland Seed lunchroom. Tested and refined over the years. Be sure to order our Vital Wheat Gluten for the best moisture and fluffiness in your loaf!

(Courtesy of Angela Wright in Massachussets)
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Sourdough Starter Step-by-Step

Make the perfect sourdough boule with your own homemade starter made from our Premium Baker’s Flour. This site offers tutorial videos and every detail you need to make a starter you can keep going for years, and share with friends.

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Bread Machine

Pete’s Super Easy Dough for Bread / Pizza Dough / Pita / Flatbread

Need some bread for tonight’s dinner? This is the fastest, easiest way to get dough ready for delicious loaves, pita, pizza, flatbread, dinner rolls… whatever you decide to try.

(Courtesy of Pete Arendt, a Wheatland team member)
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E-BOOK—”Shelf-Stable Recipes”

An awesome collection of recipes contributed by food-storage culinary artisans (ordinary folks getting creative with the basics). This PDF is courtesy of Jodi and Julie… the ladies we love at

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